Sunday, February 19, 2006

Israel Election Polls Update (2/15/06)

The current Israeli election polls can be found here. This post is out of date. Click this link for the latest polling.

Support for Israeli parties, expressed as number of mandates (seats). Smaller parties are polling at less than 10 seats each (though watch for the National Union/NRP coalition which is close to 10 seats. I'll change this graph to include them soon. The collapse of Shinui is still interesting, so I haven't replaced it here yet.)

Since the Palestinian Legislative Council elections on January 25, there has been a small but detectible loss of support for Acting Prime Minister Olmert's Kadima party. This has not been mirrored by a similar rise by either the Labor Party or by Likud. Smaller parties have also not shifted appreciably, though the new National Union/NRP coalition is polling near 10 seats in recent polls. In the current Knesset, National Union and it's partner Yisrael Beiteinu together have 7 seats while the NRP has 6 seats. Yisrael Beiteinu by itself is now polling between 6 and 8 seats, suggesting that National Union+NRP have captured some 3-4 seats beyond their current strength. (I'll come back to do a post on the small parties soon. There isn't a lot of movement but together the small parties may well command important leverage.)

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