Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Fatah and Hamas Seats in Palestinian Election

(Click on the graph for an enlarged, and more legible, view.)

The Palestinian Legislative Council elections apportion 66 seats by proportional representation, based on party lists, and 66 seats through multi-member districts (averaging about 4 members per district). The graph plots the seats won by Fatah and Hamas in the districts, based on the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research exit poll. DO NOTE that these are exit poll estimates and subject to change. There are 8 undecided seats and 4 independents in the PCPSR tally that are not reflected in the graph. That matters the most for Jerusalem which has six seats, five of which are undecided. Hebron has three undecided seats. Independents won three seats in Gaza and one in Tulkarm. AGAIN REMEMBER THESE ARE EXIT PROJECTIONS NOT FINAL VOTES!