Saturday, January 27, 2007

National Support for 2008 Presidential Candidates

Updated 11/15/07

The estimated trend is printed as part of the graphs. For the top candidates, this is always the local regression trend estimate. In the individual candidate graphs below if there are 10 or more polls the trend estimate is printed. If less than 10, the median of the polls is printed and no trend line is drawn.

This post is your one-stop update on the 2008 Republican and Democratic presidential primary national polling. (STATE primary/caucus polls will also have a space, but not yet. Soon. Real Soon.) The graphs will be updated in place as each new poll is completed. The top four candidates (based on the polls) in each party get a graphs to themselves, as above. ALL candidates in each party appear in larger graphs below. Click on the graphs once or twice to see the full resolution version. These include drop-outs as well as currently active candidates, plus a few non-candidates such as Rice and Gore (at least as of today.)

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The link in the right column of the front page will bring you here throughout the primaries and will announce new poll updates.