Sunday, February 03, 2008

Super Tuesday Endgame

Updated: 2/5/08 at 1:59 pm est

Now that the first "Super" event of the week is over, time to turn to the next one.

We've got a number of polls in several states, fewer polls in others. Here are the trends in the 17 states for which we have polls since January 1.

In the Republican chart below, I've omitted Utah where Romney holds an 84-4 lead over McCain, according to the one Republican poll since January 1. Expanding the scale to include that data point makes it hard to see the differences in all the other states.

See the individual state charts at for trend estimates in the states with sufficient polling. Here, look at the data and reach your own conclusions. The data here are through Sunday. I'll update the charts Monday evening with the Monday polls.