Friday, May 11, 2007

Bush Approval: AP at 35%, Trend at 34.8%

A new AP/Ipsos poll taken 5/7-9/07 is out today with approval at 35% and disapproval at 61%. With this addition my approval trend estimate stands at 34.8%.

There is not much to discuss here. The approval trend estimate has remained in the 33-35% range since January, and is still there. Once or twice we've bumped into those limits, only to promptly return to the range. At the moment we see a slight upward trend, but earlier this week saw a slight DOWNward trend. So I'd say the evidence so far gives no reason to think approval is doing anything other than remaining flat, with poll to poll variation bumping the trend up or down briefly.

Everything looks pretty normal in the diagnostics below, so I'll not add any more commentary. See the earlier posts on approval this week for more analysis, all of which holds true in light of today's AP poll.