Sunday, November 05, 2006

Table of Contents

This is a mini-table of contents to take us through the election. It contains only the recent, election focused, posts. Scroll down a ways for an earlier and more extensive table of contents. I'll rationalize it all after the election.

Bush Approval: 4 polls, trend at 38.1% (11/5)

Dem wave crested; advantage shrinks(11/5)

House 06: National forces estimate (11/3)

Senate 06: National forces estimate (11/3)

Senate 06: Four critical races (11/3)

House 06: Generic ballot (11/3)

Governor 06: State of play (11/3)

Bush Approval: 8 polls, trend at 37.5% (11/3)

(From 11/3, ca 4:00 a.m. Table of Contents):

No time for a full table of contents tonight. I've been busy working to improve with my partner Mark Blumental. We've got a number of nice new features there that make the effort worthwhile, but it has significantly reduced my ability to do the analysis I'd like here. Do take a look at our poll results there, and the "Scoreboards" for Senate, Governor and House races, plus our very complete set of hard to find House polls.

But I hope you'll also read along below for a new analysis of national forces at play in this election, plus reviews of the generic ballot, Senate and governor's races and (at long last!) a presidential approval update.

I'll return to the Table of Contents as soon as I have time, but for now, just scroll down to see the new posts. When you get to the old table of contents, you've gone far enough (though new readers might want to click an item or two for background reading. <;-)